Business Instant Savings - Lighting
Window frame
Red power switch
Desk lamp
Wherever possible take advantage of daylight to light your building. If daylight is sufficient turn off lighting near windows. Ensure windows are clean and blinds are positioned to allow natural light enter the space. This will reduce the reliance on artificial lighting and therefore reduce your lighting costs. Fluorescent tube lighting can use over 500 times more energy in 15 minutes than it takes to restart. If the light is not being used switch it off. Keep your light fittings, shades and diffusers clean for better brightness.
Office chair and table with computer
CFL lightbulb
Silver switch
Window with closed blinds
Reduce lighting in areas where you have more than is needed, but always ensure there are safe lighting conditions for work areas. A CFL light bulb can last up to 10 times longer than your old traditional bulbs. In addition they use 75% less energy than the old versions. Turn off lights in unoccupied spaces. Ensure that lights are turned off in areas that are not being used; this will help you reduce your energy bill. Air-conditioned areas that get a lot of sunlight through windows should have blinds fitted to keep out the sun.
Security light
Bucket holding cleaning equipment
Turn off security lighting during daylight hours. Have the Cleaning Service clean together one floor at a time, lighting each floor as needed.