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Bord Gáis Energy has a dedicated and skilled team of traders, based in Cork, which operates in the global market on a daily basis. Every month the team puts together the Energy Index, which explores market developments and price movements in oil, gas, coal and electricity.

The Energy Index is a way for Bord Gáis Energy to add an informed level of commentary to the public debate around global wholesale energy prices that impact every business and consumer in the country. As Ireland is dependent on imported fuels, the Index sheds valuable light on the global factors, forces and events that are shaping wholesale prices.

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Understanding Energy

Have you ever wondered what makes up your electricity or gas bill? There are a number of factors to consider including wholesale costs, transportation/transmission and distribution costs, taxes, supply charges and currency movements. Click on the infographics below for more details:

What makes up your gas bill?

What makes up your electricity bill?