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Microgeneration Clean Export payment – Expression of interest

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If you are eligible, we will be in contact with you regarding your export tariff/payment after end of June 2022 (when your metered export data will be made available to us by ESB Networks). Please note you must be a customer of Bord Gáis Energy for your electricity supply to qualify for a Microgen payment from us. Any payments due to those availing of the scheme will be back-dated to the 15th February 2022.
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Are you a Bord Gáis Energy Electricity customer?
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I’ve had a Smart meter installed in my home.
Have you completed the NC6 form to notify ESB Networks?
Please note, approval of your NC6 application by ESB Networks is a requirement to participate in the Microgeneration Support Scheme, and to receive a payment. Find out more about connecting a Micro-generator.
By submitting this form, you accept that we may contact by phone or email you with regard to your eligibility to participate in the Microgeneration support scheme. Please note we will contact you when export data for your payments will be available.