When should I charge my EV and for how long?

If you have a smart meter installed, our Smart EV plan will give you cheaper rates between 2am- 5am so charging your EV during this time will save you more. However, if you are still on a non-smart meter / traditional meter, it won’t matter. This means the cost of charging electric car will be included in your rates.

EV chargers offer different charging speeds depending on its capacity. 

  • A 3.7kW or 7kW EV charger may give you approximately 24-28kms of range per hour
  • An EV with 60kWh of battery capacity may take up to eight hours to charge from empty to full with a 7kW charger
  • A 100kWh battery can have a charging time of approx. three hours

However different EVs will charge at a different rate using the same charger. Some models of EVs are not capable of availing of the full throughput from a charge point but will still charge at a rate suitable for the vehicle.