What is Solar PV?

Solar panels that produce electricity are known as solar photovoltaic (PV) modules. These panels generate electricity when exposed to light. Solar PV is the rooftop solar you see on homes and businesses.  Solar electric panels capture the light from the sun and convert it into the electricity that is used in your home to power your TV, kettle, toaster, phone charger, radio, oven, and so on.

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SEAI Solar PV Scheme

The Government recently announced a support scheme for households (the MPRN associated with your household) that are registered on the Life Support Category, of the Priority Services Register, as maintained by ESB Networks on 1 April 2022.

The scheme consists of a fully funded* Solar PV system for eligible households, which will allow you to generate your own renewable electricity. This scheme will be funded by the Government of Ireland and the SEAI.

Benefits of Solar PV

Solar PV is a reliable and clean source of renewable energy that can help reduce your reliance on grid electricity and reduce your costs. Once installed, solar PV will provide electricity quietly, cleanly, and affordably for 25 or more years with minimal maintenance requirements. 

Solar PV can: 

  • reduce your electricity bills by generating your own renewable electricity
  • add to the value of your home
  • reduce your reliance on electricity generated from fossil fuels
  • support the environment by reducing your greenhouse gas emissions

SEAI Solar PV Scheme Eligibility

Your eligibility

  • Households (the MPRN associated with your household) must be on the Life Support Category of the Priority Services Register as maintained by ESB Networks on 1 April 2022. 
  • For further information on your eligibility, check out our FAQ.

Property eligibility

  • Only houses (apartments are not eligible) built and occupied before 31st December 2020 are eligible for the scheme. 
  • If you are renting your property, please obtain written permission from your landlord to install Solar PV at your property before registering your interest.
  • Your property would need to be suitable to host a 1.5-2Kwp solar PV system with the potential to install a hot water diverter.
  • For further information on your property’s eligibility, check out our FAQ.

Terms and conditions

* The cost of the solar panels, and a hot water diverter if your property is eligible, will be covered but the cost of other ancillary works will not be covered.

For further information, check out the T&C’s of the Scheme.