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Infographic: tech savvy consumers and smart energy management


To mark the launch of Hive Active Heating, Bord Gáis Energy surveyed 862 customers about their attitudes to technology and smart energy management.

The survey shows Irish consumers are tech savvy with 91% interested in new technologies, 61% using apps on their smartphone daily and one in three interested in having a smart home. The majority of respondents said they would like to remotely control their central heating, lighting and hot water remotely.

8 in 10 said they have left the heating or hot water on unnecessarily with 26% doing so at least once a week. Forgetfulness is the main reason (62%) and the majority (78%) aren’t fully aware of how this impacts their bill.  It also seems that the age old argument is still alive with two in five arguing with family members about leaving the heating or hot water on. 39% said that their parents reacted like it was a criminal offence when hot water was left on.

Hive offers flexibility, control and savings with a range of scheduling features for those on the go so users can minimise the chance of leaving the heating or hot water on unnecessarily.