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Customer Charter and Codes of Practice


We’re committed to giving our customers a high and consistent level of customer service.

We know it’s vital to listen to you and respond in a way that really helps you. That’s why we’ve developed a customer charter that sets out the level of customer service we guarantee when you deal with us.

To support the customer charter we have a range of codes of practice that set out our guaranteed service standards. Our codes of practice include marketing, handling customer complaints, bill payment (includes Billing, Bill Payment and Disconnections), special services register and pay as you go metering.

We also have priority and special services for elderly customers and those with health related needs.

You can register with us on our Special Services Register if you’re 66 years or older, and live alone or with other elderly people or with minors, or have a mobility, hearing or sight disability. We won’t disconnect a customer on the Special Services Register between 1st November and 31st March. You can nominate a carer to look after your correspondence. We also provide bills in braille or talking formats and we offer a Minicom service for those hard of hearing.

If someone in your house is critically dependent on electrical equipment for medical reasons, let us know and we’ll put you on our Priority Services Register and send your details to ESB Networks. As a Priority Services customer, you’ll never be disconnected, and if ESB Networks need to interrupt your electricity supply, they’ll let you know in advance.

Read our Customer Charter & Codes of Practice here:

Electricity Codes of Practice
Gas Codes of Practice
Customer Charter