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Tinsel, Tinfoil and Tea Towels


Bord Gáis Energy celebrates Ireland's best Christmas play memories.

Tripping on stage, forgetting your lines and dropping the props are just some of our most embarrassing school play moments according to a new survey by Bord Gáis Energy.

The research into Christmas school play memories was carried out to celebrate the Bord Gáis Energy Student Theatre Awards which are currently open for entries. The Awards recognise and reward participation in drama in schools across Ireland and are open to primary school students from 3rd – 6th class and all secondary school students. There are 12 categories including group categories such as best overall school musical and best overall school play.

Of the 310 Irish adults surveyed, over half (54%) starred in the Christmas nativity as a child with 95% saying they loved the experience. The Angel Gabriel was the most popular nativity role with just over a quarter (28%) playing the angel in the school play while 16% had the job of narrator and 15% were shepherds.

When it comes to the all-important school play costume, 79% say their Mum made it while 11% had a little help from their teacher. Using household items was the most popular way to create a costume with 41% having their angel halo made out of coat hanger and tinsel. 39% of Irish Mammies used a trusty tea towel to create the shepherd’s headdress and an enterprising 30% said they had angel wings constructed from tinfoil!

As well finding out about embarrassing moments on stage, Bord Gáis Energy asked aboutthe nation’s favourite Christmas play moments. The nervous excitement of going on stage, the sound of applause and having your parents sitting in the audience were our most treasured memories from school days.

Commenting on the survey, Irene Gowing, Communications Manager with Bord Gáis Energy said: "It’s clear from the survey findings that most people who took part in the annual Christmas play have fond memories of it, whatever their role or costume!

With schools around the country now preparing for Christmas play season, we would like to remind teachers and students that their Christmas plays may be suitable for entering into this year’s Bord Gáis Energy Student Theatre Awards. We have a number of group categories including best overall school musical, best overall school play and best musical performance.”

The deadline for entries is 5pm, Friday 29th January and shortlisted schools will be invited to a special awards ceremony at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre on 5th May 2016.

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