I have a day/night meter, can I request a smart meter?

If you've a day/night (MCC02*) meter, you can request a smart meter and tariff by contacting us on 01 611 01 04. We’ll advise ESB Networks of this request. When you request a smart meter, we’ll register your consent to move to our Standard Smart Tariff (SST) as a change of tariff will be required. Find out more about our smart plans.

*Your MCC is your Meter Configuration Code. To check if you have a MCC02 meter, check the meter type listed at the top of your most recent bill. This will be displayed like below:

Image of bill showing where MCC can be found

After your smart meter is installed, your tariff will be automatically switched to our Standard Smart Tariff (SST). ESB Networks will also connect your new smart meter to its communications network to allow them to securely communicate with your meter. Please note that “proving” this connection may take up to 30 days.

While waiting for this “proving” to be completed, we’ll send you an information leaflet explaining our full range of smart tariffs and benefits. Please note that some smart tariffs and benefits may not be available to you until after the 30-day proving period has elapsed.

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