How to submit a meter read

Submit a Meter Read

There are a few easy ways to submit a meter read, which we've outlined below. The quickest way is through your online account.

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Remember, the best time to submit a meter read is within 5 days of your bill issue date. You can see your next bill issue date on your online account. 

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Submit online

Sign in to your online account, then select the account you wish to submit a read for. From your account dashboard, go to the ‘Submit a Reading’ tab.

Submit by phone

You can submit a read by calling our automated phone service (also known as the IVR) on 01 611 01 72.

Submit on our app

Download the Bord Gáis Energy app to submit your meter reads on your mobile or tablet device.

How to read your meter

Standard electricity/gas meters

Sample meter read image

When reading your meter, ignore any numbers (often in red) to the right of decimal point, or sometimes an arrow. Include leading zeros. In the above example, the meter read is 001234.

For more help on reading your meter, including information on different meter types, see our FAQ How do I read my meter?

Smart electricity meters

Many households now have a smart electricity meter. Once installed, your smart meter will establish its connection to ESB's secure communications network over a 30 day period.

Once this is complete, you'll no longer need to provide regular electricity meter reads, as the meter will communicate directly with ESB Networks.

Having issues submitting your read?

There are some scenarios where you may not be able to submit a read online or through the IVR. This can be due to the following reasons:

  • The meter read you've entered is lower than your last actual read.
  • Your meter has not been read directly by Gas Networks Ireland or ESB Networks in more than twelve months.
  • Your meter type is not supported through our online service.

In these cases, you'll need to submit your reads directly to Gas Networks Ireland (gas meter reads) or ESB Networks (electricity meter reads).