We're cutting gas and electricity prices and standing charges by 15.5%

Home energy prices for all residential gas and electricity customers will be reduced by 15.5%, effective from 9 November. Standing charges on both fuels will also be reduced by 15.5%.

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Find an energy plan

Whether you’re new to Bord Gáis Energy, or already with us, we have the right plan for you. Find the best one to suit your needs and sign up online.

Dual fuel plan

Switch now and get 15% off electricity and gas. You'll save up to €545* on your annual bill.

Electricity plan

Sign up for our electricity plan today to get a 15% discount, saving you up to €304* on your annual bill.

Gas plan

Sign up to our standard gas plan today and you'll get 15% off. Save up to €241* on your annual bill.

Book a boiler service today

Need your boiler serviced? Book online today and choose from our range of boiler care options.

Solar panel installation for homes

Generate your own energy

Register your interest today. And when you book your solar panel installation with us, you’ll get €250 off, no strings attached. You don’t even need to be a current Bord Gáis Energy customer.

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Solar for farms

We've partnered with the Irish Farmer’s Association (IFA) to offer rooftop solar solutions to Irish farmers.


Find out how you can export surplus solar energy to the national grid through our Microgen Export Plan.

Solar Energy Guide

Learn how embracing solar energy can help lower carbon emissions, protect our environment and reduce your energy bills.

Shine A Light

Sleep out against homelessness

Focus Ireland and Bord Gáis Energy are calling on people across the country to host a sleep out in their homes, workplaces or communities on 13 October to help end family homelessness.

Need support with paying your bills?

If you're worried about paying your current or future energy bills, we can help with this quick and easy tool. Explore your options now.

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Make a payment

Paying your energy bill is easy. Sign in to your online account or use our Pay Now service to make a quick payment.

Submit a meter read

Sign in to your online account and go to the ‘Submit a Reading’ tab to submit your meter read.

Top up your meter

Top up your electricity Pay As You Go meter online.

Smart plans and smart meters

Make the most of your smart meter with a range of smart plans that will help improve energy efficiency, lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Our journey to net zero

Sustainability at Bord Gáis Energy

At Bord Gáis Energy we’re imagining a better way by helping our customers make better energy choices to protect our planet and those we care about.

Heat pumps

An energy efficient alternative to conventional home heating; having a heat pump installed could help you save money on your energy bills.

EV Charger

Get the newest Hive EV charger (EO Mini Pro 3) installed by a trusted, local tradesperson with Local Heroes

Green price plans

A simple, hassle-free way to move towards a greener Ireland is with our green plans.

Emergency gas number

We want our customers to stay safe. So if you smell gas at home, on the street or in your business, contact Gas Networks Ireland (24 hrs) immediately on 1800 20 50 50. Visit our help section for emergency information and phone number in English, Irish, Polish, Russian and Mandarin Chinese.

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