Save €150 on your electricity bill

Charge more, get charged less

Get the newest Hive EV charger (EO Mini Pro 3) installed by a trusted, local tradesperson with Bord Gáis Energy Local Heroes. And switch to one of our EV smart plans to receive €150 credit on your bill.

Home energy upgrades

Take the first step on your journey towards an energy-efficient home by installing solar panels, a heat pump, an EV charger or a new boiler.

SEAI grants

Learn more about what grants are available from the Sustainability Energy Authority of Ireland when it comes to upgrading your home.


Find out how you can export surplus solar energy to the national grid through our Microgen Export Plan.

Solar PV rooftop solution for farms

Power your farm. Sustainably.

Bord Gáis Energy and the Irish Farmer’s Association (IFA) have partnered to offer solar solutions to Irish farmers across all sectors.

rooftop solar panels on farm shed

Smart meter plans

By shifting your energy usage to off-peak hours, you can reduce your bills and your usage while also contributing to the national drive for energy efficiency.

Green energy plans

A simple, hassle-free way to move towards a greener Ireland is with our green plans.

Woman checking boiler setting on mobile phone

Boiler efficiency for your home heating

Your gas boiler is your home’s heating hero. Look after it with professional care, and it’ll work more efficiently and risk less breakage, saving you loads in the long run.

We asked our engineers what they wish more people knew to keep their gas boilers running smoothly. Find out what they had to say.

Boiler upgrade

Replacing your old boiler can make your home much more energy efficient and reduce your bills.

Boiler maintenance

An annual boiler service can keep your boiler in tip-top shape. It's also the best way to avoid unhappy surprises with your home heating bills.

Power flushing

Have you noticed your radiators aren’t heating up? Make sure your radiators are working efficiently by booking a power flush.

Upgrade your home with a heat pump

Heat pumps are an energy-efficient technology that allows you to heat your home more affordably and efficiently while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Our journey to net zero

As we look to the future we're transforming our energy supply, services and solutions in order to become a leading net zero business in Ireland by 2045 and to help our customers reach net zero by 2050.

A young man and his female colleague checking the growing tomatoes in a large greenhouse using a laptop.

Our guides to sustainable living

This collection of easy-to-follow guides provides you with valuable information on everything from how solar panels work to upgrading your home's energy efficiency. 

We've created a guide which brings you through some of the mid to -long-term benefits of embracing solar energy to help reduce carbon emissions and protect our environment whilst dramatically reducing your energy bills.

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In this guide, we aim to educate our readers on the meaning of a heat pump, its functions, and its different designs and types plus information on financial support available from the SEAI in the form of grants and Energy Suppliers such as Bord Gáis Energy in the form of Carbon Credits.

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On the lookout for an EV charger nearby? Check out our guide to the current prices and options for Irish motorists considering the switch to electric cars.

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In this guide, we'll help you understand the meaning of an energy-efficient home and ideally, support you in playing your part in helping Ireland reach our ambitious sustainability targets in the years and decades ahead.

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This guide will give you all the information you need about smart meters, a recent innovation in the energy sector, designed to provide accurate, real-time information about your electricity usage.

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In this guide, we cover the concept of a smart home and how it works. You’ll learn the various components of a smart home, such as a smart living room, smart speakers, smart lights, smart thermostats and smart kitchen appliances, among others. 

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This guide will help you better understand the concept of BER certificates in detail, outlining the reasons why you might aspire to have a better BER rating for your home.

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There are different energy grants offered by the SEAI. This guide will help you understand all the types of grants and how to apply for them.

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The global climate crisis presents a clear and present danger to our way of life here in Ireland. Here, we cover steps towards a more sustainable future.

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The climate change issue has reached a crisis point and needs to be addressed by corporations and private citizens across the planet and, of course, Ireland has its own share of the role to play, making it important to assess the green energy options available for Irish consumers. 

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This guide helps you to understand what energy conservation is all about. You will be able to learn different ways you can conserve and reduce your energy usage with a view to minimising your overall carbon footprint and play your part in helping Ireland meet its ambitious Green Energy commitments.

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