About Us

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We're Bord Gáis Energy, a gas and electricity supplier and supplier of energy services, and we’re committed to helping our customers by making things as easy as possible.

Who are we?

We’ve been in operation since 1976 and today we supply over 680,000 customers with energy in Ireland. Since mid-2014 we’re also part of the global Centrica plc Group. Centrica is active in the energy chain − from sourcing it to saving it − and this helps us operate more efficiently. You can find out more about our parent company Centrica here.

Our main locations in Ireland are in Dublin and Cork but you’re probably more familiar with our sponsorship programmes and boiler services engineers who are out and about visiting homes, businesses and communities. You’ll know them by their smiles, uniforms and their photo identification cards.

What do we do?

Bord Gáis Energy generates, sells and trades energy for use in the Republic of Ireland. We own a state of the art 445MW Power Generation Plant in Whitegate, Co. Cork. We flipped the switch on that plant in 2009 and can power up to 400,000 homes.

To make sure we always have enough energy to go around, our Energy Trading Team is busy buying gas and electricity on the international wholesale markets for use here for 19 hours each day. We’re proud to say that the team measures up really well compared to global best practice.

When we generate more energy than we need, we sell and trade it. People like you buy it to power your homes, businesses and communities. With more than 680,000 customers we’re one of the biggest energy providers in Ireland.

How do we work with you?

There’s a very important link in our energy supply chain – the one between you and us. We know that our business relies on our customers so we do our best to hire people that understand the importance of an excellent service and value for money.

To ensure we stay focused on our customers’ needs we’ve also developed the following company values:


Our Values and Our Code demonstrate our commitment to being a responsible business and bind us together in common pursuit of our strategy and purpose. Find out more on centrica.com

How can you get in touch with us?

It’s easy to get in touch with us. Contact us, email us on info@bordgais.ie or write to us at Po Box 10953, Dublin 2. If you want to know more about our customer charter and codes of practice please take a look at our publications section.

Staying safe with gas

Natural gas is a very safe type of energy. But it’s important to be careful and make sure your gas supply and the equipment you use is as safe as possible. That’s why our Boiler Services Team is available to look after everyone’s boiler needs – customers and non-customers – seven days a week. Minding your boiler means it works efficiently, operates safely and lasts longer.

Outside the home or inside, if you think there is a gas emergency please call the Gas Networks Ireland 24-hour Emergency Line: 1850 20 50 50. They’ll send someone out immediately.

Bord Gáis Energy Limited is a registered company in Ireland. Our company registration number is 463078 and our registered office is One Warrington Place Dublin 2.