Business Energy Efficiency

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Energy saving tips for the workplace

No matter what size your business, finding ways to keep costs under control is a top priority. So here’s a quick guide on how to save energy and help your bottom line without breaking the bank. 

  • Investing in more energy-efficient equipment such as printers, appliances, and boilers can substantially reduce energy use. 
  • Ensure that your employees are following mindful energy conservation practices such as turning off lights and office equipment at night and using more energy-efficient lighting such as LED and fluorescent. 
  • Leaving a computer idle overnight wastes energy and reduces its lifespan. IT experts say that a typical PC and monitor combination can consume around 200 watts when sitting idle which can cost your business over €200 a year! If you can’t turn off your computers, simply automate the process to ensure that your desktops are only awake for eight hours a day. 
  • An ageing cooling system is likely to draw a significant amount of energy during the summer months. By installing a high-efficiency unit in the autumn or winter, you can set up savings for the long-term and cut down on your cooling costs.
  • There are many steps you can take today that will give you maximum performance out of your current boiler system. Annual servicing can help prevent costly heating bills. Replacing worn pipe insulation along with repairing steam traps, can drive down operating costs as well. Enquire what services are offered by your Gas Safe registered engineer. 

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