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The right Price Plan for your business

With Fully Fixed or Variable Price Plans available, you can choose the plan that suits your business needs.


With our Fully Fixed Price Plan, you get overall control of your entire rates. The standing charge, energy unit rates and capacity charge rates are all fixed** for the duration of your contract, which can be for up to 15 months. So whatever you consume month to month, and whatever may happen in volatile energy markets, your rates will stay the same.


Our Gas Fixed Energy Price Plan guarantees your business energy unit rate prices (but not standing charges and non-energy charges) for the duration of your contract. Energy and non-energy rates* are clearly displayed on your bill for full cost visibility. This is the plan to choose if you want to fix your energy unit rates for a longer period than 15 months – 12, 18 or even 24 month contracts are available.


With a Standard Variable Plan, you can enjoy all the benefits of being our customer without committing to a contract. Then, if you decide you’d like a discount on your rate, you can choose how long you’d like to stay with us and enjoy a monthly percentage tracking discount against our standard rates. The longer you stay, the higher your discount.

How much gas do you use?

I spend about €850 or less per bill
I use less than 73,000 kWh a year
I spend about €1,700 or less on gas
I use more than 73,000 kWh a year

Perfect for small energy users, on this price plan you pay just two charges:

  • Gas unit price
  • Standing charge

Offering great value, this price plan is made up of three charges:

  • Gas unit price
  • Standing charge
  • Capacity charge

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*Non-energy rates, including Standing Charges, are subject to change on our Fixed Energy price plan.
**Taxes and levies are not fixed.