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Electricity EnergyPlus

This plan, which is suitable for medium electricity usage, looks at your usage by time of day, and by season which means that in summer you'll pay a lower rate than in winter, and your night rate will be lower than your day rate.

Plan with confidence

With the above plan you get variable electricity rates that may change over time, and you're not tied into a contract. However, if you'd prefer the predictability of a rate that isn't going to change, Bord Gáis Energy are delighted to be the first energy company to offer you the ability to fix your rates for a period of up to 24 months, allowing you to budget with certainty.

What type of electricity meter do you have?

We'll look at the type of electricity meter you have to make sure you're put on the correct option for your business.

  • Bi-monthly bill
  • Meter read manually
  • Monthly bill
  • Meter read automatically
    (every 15 mins)

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