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We want to help you understand how we calculate your tariffs. For businesses, our quotes and tariffs are built based on a combination of factors outlined below.

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  • 1. Non-Energy charges as defined by the CRU & SEMO covering:
    1. DUoS
    2. TUoS
    3. DLAFs
    4. SEMO Capacity
    5. SEMO Market Operator Charges
    6. SEMO Imperfection Charges
  • 2. Energy charges
  • 3. Supply Costs & Margin

Learn more about pass through costs for Business Electricity customers (CRU Information Paper) - PDF
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  • 1. Non-Energy charges as defined by the CRU & NTS Transportation Statement
    1. DUoS Capacity & Commodity
    2. TUoS Capacity & Commodity
    3. UK Transportation
    4. Shrinkage
  • 2. Energy charges
  • 3. Supply Costs & Margin

Some more helpful information for our SME customers

Our tariffs are based on an Annual Standing Charge and Unit rates which recover the above costs.

Variable Tariffs

Set once per annum, usually around October, with rates generally active until the following October.

Fixed Energy Tariffs

Set at a point in time e.g. weekly. The Energy component is fixed for a period of time, but Non-Energy can change if regulated pass through charges change.

Fully Fixed Tariffs

Set at a point in time e.g. quarterly. The Energy and Non-Energy components are fixed for a period of time with some risk built in to mitigate against potential changes in regulated charges.

For our larger consuming gas and electricity customers

We will tailor a quote based on your individual business energy needs, including detailed charges for each of the above components.

Commonly used terms

DUoS - Distribution Use of System
TUoS - Transmission Use of System
DLAFs - Distribution Loss Adjustment Factors
SEMO - Single Electricity Market Operator
CRU - Commission for Regulation of Utilities (formerly CER)
NTS - National Transmission System (UK National Grid)

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