How is my export payment calculated?

If you've a smart meter, your export payment will be calculated based on metered export data which is sent from your meter to ESB Networks. ESB Networks will share this data with us as your current electricity supplier. This volume will be multiplied by our export rate to calculate your payment.

There may be some instances where ESB Networks is unable to provide your supplier with metered export data for a period. If metered export data is unavailable, ESB Networks will provide your supplier with deemed export data for that period, and this will be used to calculate your export payment. This may result in some differences between the amount of export shown on the meter, and the volume used for payment.

If your meter is not eligible to be exchanged for a smart meter, your export payment will be calculated using a deemed export quantity.  

For more information on microgeneration and our rates, please visit our microgeneration page.