My smart bill explained

This is a guide to understanding your smart residential electricity bill.

Image of Smart residential bill format

Section A: Your account information

Section B: Your bill summary and electricity usage

Section C: Your rates and charges

Section D: Your bill messages

A: Your account information

Section A Smart bill format

1. Your bill address
This is the postal address where we send your bill to.

2. Your account number
This is your Bord Gáis Energy account number. Have this handy when you're contacting us.

3. Your plan and contract end date
Here you'll see the name of your smart plan. You'll also see your contract end date here. If you're not currently in contract with us, you won't see this line.

4. Your meter number
The unique number attached to the meter at your premise.

5. Your MPRN
Your MPRN (meter point reference number) is an eleven-digit reference number used to identify your electricity meter and connection to the electricity network.

6. DG, MCC and profile

  • DG: Your DG (distribution group) code helps us to understand your expected energy consumption.
  • MCC: Your MCC (meter configuration code) tells us the type of meter you have.
  • Profile: Your profile is a code we use to predict your consumption.

7. Bill issue date
This is the date we issued and sent you your bill.

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B: Your bill summary and electricity usage

Smart bill section B

1. Your electricity usage (from and to time period)
This is the duration of time that your bill and charges relate to.

2. Your electricity consumption
This is confirming the amount of usage (kWh) used during the above time period and the associated cost.

3. Your usage comparison graph
This graph shows how much electricity you've consumed (kWh) during this billing period in comparison to the previous year. This is only available when 12+ months of usage has been consumed. You'll also be able to see the usage for an average residential customer, for comparison with your own usage.

 4. Your balance summary
This box confirms the current total balance of your account and what date payment of this balance is due by. If your account is in credit you will notice a minus (-) before the total digits.
Please note there will also be confirmation included regarding your payment method.

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C: Your rates and charges

Smart bill section C

1. Your bill breakdown (from and to time period)
This is the duration of time that the bill breakdown of your rates and charges relate to.

2. Your time bands
Within this table, you will see your usage split into these three-time bands.

3. Your usage
This confirms the total number of kWh used in each of the time bands.

4. Your rate
This shows you the rate in cent value per kWh based on the tariff you are on.

5. Your amount
This is your charges breakdown for each of the time bands based on the amount of usage (kWh) multiplied by the cent value per kWh referenced in your rate column. There is a sub-total of these charges references underneath.

6. Charges, taxes and discounts

  • Standing charge: This is a fixed amount for the costs of providing your supply.
  • PSO payment: The Public Service Obligation (PSO) Levy is a government mandated levy created to support the generation of electricity from sustainable, renewable and indigenous sources. For the 2022/23 payment period, monthly PSO payments will be paid to electricity customers from 1 March 2023, for seven months. 
  • Discounts: This is where you'll see the description and value of the discounts that have been applied to your bill. You'll also see when your current discount is ending, if applicable.
  • VAT: Your bill will always show the total of the bill excluding VAT, the total VAT charged and the total of the bill inclusive of VAT.

7. Your previous bill and our payment received
We'll confirm the total amount of your previous bill and what payment was received towards this bill in a minus figure. If the previous bill hasn't been fully paid, the remaining balance of this bill will be included in your bill total.

8. Your bill total
Beneath the VAT charges, you'll see the amount due. This is the total amount due to be debited. If you pay by direct debit, you'll see in section B when your direct debit will be taken.
If your bill is showing a credit balance, you'll see the letters CR to the right of the amount due figure.

9. Your smart meter consumption
Within this section of your bill, you'll be provided with a breakdown of your electricity usage for this bill. It will be displayed by showing you how many kWh was used on your meter during each time band for this bill.
You'll also see confirmation of the various cut off times for each of the time bands and an explanation on how to identify what type of your read your bill is based on.

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D: Your bill messages

Smart bill section D

1. Message box
Messages will appear here relating to your balance on the bill.

2. Did you know section
In this section we will provide you with some helpful tips to reduce your electricity usage where possible.

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