Why has my Level Pay amount changed?

We review your account annually to ensure you're paying the correct amount each month. This account review takes into consideration current unit rates, your energy usage and your account balance. You’ll be able to see any changes to your future payments on your bill and on your online account.

After we review your account, your monthly payment amount may increase or decrease. You'll be notified by SMS if your payment amount is due to increase.

Reasons your Level Pay amount may change

Your monthly Level Pay amount can increase or decrease for the following reasons:

  • Our unit rates or other charges on your bill (such as network costs and taxes) have increased or decreased.
  • You've increased or decreased your energy usage. For example, if you've started working from home when you didn't previously, this can increase your monthly payment.
  • You've been receiving estimated meter readings. We encourage our customers to submit meter readings where possible, to improve the accuracy of their bills. You can do so through one of the following options:
      • For gas and/or electricity, you can sign in to your online account to submit a meter reading. If you don’t have an online account, you can register.
      • You can also submit a read directly to Gas Networks Ireland (gas readings) or ESB Network (electricity readings). Please ensure that you have your GPRN or MPRN to hand.
  • You've missed a previous Level Pay monthly payment (this will cause an increased monthly payment).

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