My radiators are leaking

Have you noticed water pooling around the bottom of your radiators? Or a damp patch forming on your carpet? Is one of your radiators leaking?

Most of the time, radiators work just fine: they’re quite simple pieces of kit and haven’t changed all that much since they first started heating homes more than a century ago. Apart from the couple of times you have to bleed them, they’re relatively trouble-free, keeping you and your family toasty for many years.  

Occasionally, though, and especially after a number of years, problems with your radiators can occur. The first sign of this is usually a leak, leaving a puddle of water on your floor. This is frustrating - especially if it leaves a stain - but it can also be dangerous, as radiators contain scalding water, which could burn a member of your household.

Radiator leaks need prompt attention, as over time, they’re likely to get worse and could cause extensive water damage to your property. Together with our home energy experts, we look at how best to tackle this common problem.

Check the source

The first step is to inspect the problem radiator to see where the leak is actually coming from. This can only be done when the radiators are cold to the touch and your heating is turned off; otherwise, you could burn yourself. Once you’re sure the radiator and the water inside is cool, you should dry the outside of the radiator with an old dishcloth, including the pipes leading from it. Then, using a sheet of paper towel, try to locate the source of the leak: work your way around the body of the radiator, the valves and the couplings on the pipes until a wet spot appears on the towel. This method should help you find the source of the leak. 

Call in the experts

If it looks like the water is coming from the radiator body itself, it might be the end of the road for that particular unit. Small holes can form when corrosion occurs inside the radiator and while they usually start small, they can grow big quite quickly. Plus, the rust-coloured water they leak will leave quite a mess on your carpet. We work with a network of qualified, vetted plumbers who can call to your home and repair or replace your radiators. Call our Homecare team on 01 611 01 45 to arrange an appointment for one of our qualified Service Engineers to call to your home and assess the issue.

How can we help

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