Bord Gáis Energy launches innovative smart energy plans

01 March, 2021

  • As smart meters go live, Bord Gáis Energy rolls out range of flexible smart plans to help customers make the most of smart meters
  • ‘Free Time Saturday’, ‘Free Time Sunday’ and Discount Weekend’ plans available from 1 March

Today, Bord Gáis Energy launches its most innovative and cost-effective plans to date; offering customers with smart meters a market-first range of smart energy plans, helping them to save money, improve energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint.

The smart plans include a choice of either 'Free Time Saturday’ or ‘Free Time Sunday’ offers, giving Bord Gáis Energy customers free electricity between 9am and 5pm on their specified day at weekends. Additionally, Bord Gáis Energy will be making a ‘Discount Weekend Plan’ available too, which gives customers a night rate all weekend, meaning lower energy costs from 11pm on Friday, right through to 8am on Monday.

About smart plans

Bord Gáis Energy has led the way in smart home technology and innovation and the smart plans launched today will give customers access to more information about their energy consumption which will in turn improve energy efficiency and lead to cost savings. Bord Gáis Energy’s smart bills will provide customers with key information upfront, graphs comparing their energy usage year-on-year, and helpful hints and tips to help manage their electricity.

According to the Commission for the Regulation of Utilities (CRU), early smart meter trials showed that households were able to reduce their consumption by up to 2.5% on average, with some families reducing their energy consumption by up to 9% during peak times.

Smart meters are currently being installed across the country by ESB Networks and there are already 248,397 Smart meter installations in Ireland, with 8,783 installed in January alone. By 2024, all 2.3 million existing meters in Ireland will be upgraded to smart meters, with approximately 500,000 meters to be installed each year in order to reach the 2.3 million targets.

Colin Bebbington, Retail Director at Bord Gáis Energy said “The roll out of smart meters in Ireland offers Irish householders access to more timely, detailed information of their energy usage; and with so many people working from home right now, improving energy efficiency is high on the agenda.

Smart homes and smart energy are the future, and Bord Gáis Energy is committed to bringing the most innovative plans and products to help customers have a smooth transition to smarter energy.  Our smart plans will give our customers more control over their energy, providing flexibility and insight. By offering different energy prices for different times, we’re giving customers more power and choice around their energy usage, that suits their lifestyles.”

* Free Time units are available on 9am to 5pm on Saturday or Sunday each week. Customers can choose which free day they prefer at sign-up (Saturday or Sunday).

Full Terms and Conditions and further information regarding Bord Gáis Energy’s new Smart Plan selection can be found at

About Bord Gáis Energy

Bord Gáis Energy is an energy and services supplier in the Republic of Ireland. The company has been in operation since 1976 and currently supplies energy and services to over 700,000 business and residential customers. In 2014, Bord Gáis Energy became part of the global Centrica plc Group.