Direct Debit Mandate Terms and Conditions

Instructions to Bank

  • I instruct you to pay direct debits from my account at the request of Bord Gáis Energy Limited.
  • I understand that the amounts may vary.
  • I understand that Bord Gáis Energy Limited may change the amounts and dates only after giving me prior notice.
  • I will inform the bank/building society in writing if I wish to cancel this instruction.
  • I understand that if any direct debit is paid which breaks the terms of this instruction, the bank/building society will make a refund.
  • Our bill serves as prior notice of amounts to be debited from your bank account. It is important for you to note that bills are directed to the gas / electricity / Home services account holder's address unless otherwise instructed and agreed with our gas / electricity / Home services account holder and by completion of this mandate you accept this condition.
  • Debits will only be made for the amounts due as detailed on your Statement/Bill.
  • In the unlikely event of debits being originated in error by us, you can obtain immediate refund from your bank / building society or Bord Gáis Energy Limited.
  • You may cancel your Mandate at any time by simply advising your bank / building society in writing and informing us accordingly.
  • Bord Gáis Energy Limited reserves the right to decline / cancel direct debit instructions in certain circumstances.