What do I need if I am moving?

If you're planning on moving premises, you must give us 28 days notice. Please get in touch with us through our online query form and our Business Direct team will be in contact with you to help make the necessary arrangements. Please ensure to provide us with the following information in order to close your account and provide you with a final bill. 

1. Your account number and MPRN/GPRN 

2. Your forwarding address 

3. Contact details for the landlord or the new occupier 

4. A meter reading * 

*If you are unable to provide us with a meter reading, you will remain liable until a read has been provided/agreed by you.   

If you can’t provide a closing meter reading you can agree an estimated reading with us (our customer service agents can provide you with an estimate reading. The estimated read may not be accurate, and you will need to provide verbal approval before we can use this as your closing read.)  Alternatively you can provide access to Gas Networks Ireland/ESB Networks to lock the meter. We'll then issue you with your final bill. 

Please note that you remain liable for all energy consumed until you provide/agree a meter reading or the energy supply has been turned off. 

When you have taken ownership of your new premise, you will need to take an opening meter read. You will then need to get in touch with us through our online query form  and our Business Direct Team  will make contact with you to discuss your new premise and determine if your price plan needs to change depending on your requirements.