Electric Vehicle (EV) Price Plans

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Bord Gáis Energy have a number of EV plans to suit every type of EV owner. From giving you a lower price for the electricity you use at night so you charge your EV for less to helping the environment with 100% green electricity  

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Don't have an EV charger? There's a Local Hero for that...

Local Heroes, a Bord Gáis Energy innovation, can connect you to a vetted and trusted EV charger installer in your area.  

• Get an estimate straight away

• If you’re happy with the quote, you’ll need to pay a deposit. 

•  Pay online, no cash required. 

• All work is covered by a 12 month guarantee, backed by Bord Gáis Energy.  

• The SEAI grant scheme allows you to claim €600 back on the cost of the new installed charger.

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If you are interested in an EV price plan but would like some more information, see our Electric Vehicle (EV) plan FAQs under the My account, billing & payments block in our Help section.