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As Ireland embraces more sustainable ways to get around, we’re here to offer practical, cost-effective energy plans and products for electric vehicle owners.

Our smart EV plans allow you to charge your electric car at reduced night rates. Additionally, when you switch you'll get 24% off electricity with our EV Smart Electricity plan or 24% off electricity and 20% off gas with EV Smart Dual Fuel.

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EV Plans

If you have an electric vehicle you can avail of our Electric Vehicle (EV) Smart tariff. This Time-of-Use Tariff splits your usage into four time bands:

  • Day (8am to 11pm)
  • Night (11pm to 8am - excluding the EV band)
  • Peak electricity times (Monday to Friday 5pm to 7pm) 
  • EV (2am to 5am)

Each time period has its own price for electricity with a lower rate for the EV time band, meaning you can charge your car for less. Your smart meter data will be collected half-hourly. You can also access up to 24 months of your historic half-hourly consumption data via your online account.

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Our EV electricity plans offer competitive rates tailored specifically for electric vehicle owners, ensuring that you're getting the most out of your investment.

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EV Smart Dual Fuel

Charge your EV for less at night and get 24% off electricity and 20% off gas with our EV Smart Dual Fuel plan.

EV Smart Electricity

Charge your EV for less at night and enjoy a 24% discount on our smart electricity prices.

Green EV Smart Electricity

Charge your EV for less at night with a green energy plan that guarantees that 100% green electricity.

Install an EV charger

By installing an electric car charger, you're not only embracing the convenience of electric vehicles but also actively contributing to a greener tomorrow.

Get the newest Hive EV charger (EO Mini Pro 3) installed by a trusted, local tradesperson with Local Heroes

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Frequently asked questions about EV energy plans

Pay As You Go meters are not eligible for EV plans at this time.

It's more cost effective to drive an EV than a fuel-based car. The exact cost depends on your driving needs, car efficiency, and how many miles you drive.

On average, an EV owner charges their EV approximately 80% of the time at home which may add up to 3,000 kWh or more to your electricity bill. If you’re driving your EV 17,500 km per year and sign up to our Smart EV plan, it’ll cost you approximately €180 annually (excluding your household electricity bills), i.e. approximately €1 per 100kms.

Visit our plans page to view our EV rates.

To sign up for an EV plan, you'll need to pay via direct debit, and you'll need to sign up for paperless billing. If you're an existing customer and on Level Pay, your Level Pay will be stopped. You can find full details in our terms and conditions.

No, you still can sign up for an EV plan. However, you'll get the most benefit out of this plan if you own and charge your electric car at home. View our EV plans here.

No, you can still sign up for any EV plan and once you get your EV you can start saving straight away. View our EV plans here.

Yes, take a look at our plans for EV plans sourced by green energy. To view EV plans, select the relevant filters in the 'Filter's box in the right-hand corner.

If you are on one of our single fuel electricity or gas variable plans, you can sign up for an EV plan through our plans page.

Please note: Level pay is not currently an option on EV plans. The payment option for EV plans is direct debit where the payment is taken for the full bill amount every two months 14 days after your bill is issued. If you were paying by level pay and moved to a new EV offer, your level pay will end and the balance on your account will be on your next bill. If you have a debt balance and want to arrange a payment plan you can do so by calling us on 01 611 01 06.

No, you can still sign up for any EV plan and once you get your EV you can start saving straight away. View our EV plans here.