How do I claim a refund if my account is in credit?

Please note: Due to the current circumstances relating to Covid-19, we have suspended refunds by cheque until further notice and will only be able to issue through EFT (electronic funds transfer).

If your account is in credit and you have another Bord Gáis Energy account, we will first check to see if this this account is debit. If there is a debit on any of the other accounts you have with us, we will then use your current credit for this and refund any remaining credit as per our Terms and Conditions.

You can request a refund by getting in touch with us through our online query form and provide the information below:

  • Account number
  • Name on account
  • Address on account

If you pay by Direct Debit, we will refund to the bank account the Direct Debit is set up on.

If you pay by card directly to us (via web, mobile app, phone), we will refund back to the card the payment was made from.

If you avail of any of our other payment methods, we will refund you by EFT (electronic funds transfer).

It’s important to note: if you are a Level Pay customer, we review annually what you’ve paid and used over the last twelve months to make sure there has been no over payment. During this review the credit amount on your account will be spread across your payments for the following year. You can request a refund if your balance is in excess of €120 credit. It may not be advisable for you to take a refund, as it may increase your monthly payments. Click here for more information on Level Pay.