How do I use the spend estimation tool on my online account?

You can estimate your spend since your last bill using the spend estimation tool on your online account. To use the tool, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to your online account. If you don't have an account, you can register.
  2. Select your electricity or gas account from the account list page. 
  3. From the account dashboard, navigate to the 'Cost & Usage' tab.
  4. Enter your current meter reading (including leading zeros) and click 'Estimate'. You must enter a meter reading higher than your last billed read. 
Sample image of spend estimation tool on online account

You'll then be provided with an approximate cost of your usage since your last bill, based on the meter reading you've provided. The amount shown includes any discounts you may avail of, as well as VAT, standing charge, carbon tax and PSO levy, where applicable. The amount also includes any price changes that may have occurred since your last bill.

The amount shown does not include any credit that may be added to your bill, such as any credit you have built up on your account with regular payments, microgeneration credits or government credits.

Please note:

  • The spend estimation amount may not reflect your next bill amount, and the amount shown is subject to change depending on your consumption and any price changes prior to your next bill being issued.
  • The meter read entered in the tool will not be registered on your account, or submitted to the relevant networks company. If you want to submit a reading after using the tool, go to the 'Submit a reading' tab.
  • To use the tool, customers must have at least one bill issued, and must not have changed plan/tariff or had a meter exchange since their last bill. 
  • Customers on half-hourly smart plans (MCC12) won't see the tool on their online account. Smart plan customers can view their existing smart usage graphs to estimate their spend.
  • Additionally, customers with night storage meters (MCC03) and group accounts (an account with multiple MPRNs/GPRNs) won't see the tool on their online account.