I don't have a smart meter, can I still get a payment for exporting electricity?

The current phased roll-out of smart meters relates to the replacement of 24-hour meters with smart meters.

If you have a 24-hour meter

If you have a 24-hour meter, you're eligible for a smart meter under the current roll-out. In this instance, you must have one installed to receive an export payment, in addition to being on supply with us and exporting to the grid.  One exception to this is customers with 3 Phase 24-hour meters. 

When your smart meter is installed, ESB Networks will start taking actual readings for your micro-generated export. We'll receive your metered export quantities from ESB Networks and we'll use these to calculate your export payment. Where ESB Networks are unable to provide us with a metered export quantity, they will send us a deemed export quantity.

Please note that legacy 24-hour meters (also known as MCC01 meters) are not eligible for microgeneration payments.

If you have a day/night meter

From September 2023, ESB Networks will start installing smart meters for customers with day/night meters.

  • If your micro-generator was installed prior to 11 September 2023, you'll be entitled to a microgen payment until your smart meter is installed. 
  • If your micro-generator is installed and approved after 11 September 2023, you will not qualify for a microgen payment until your smart meter is installed.

Other meter types

If you don't have a 24-hour meter or a day/night meter, you are not eligible for a smart meter under the current ESB-led roll-out. However, you may still be eligible for a deemed export payment. 

Timelines for smart meter exchanges for 3 phase meters are currently being re-planned by ESB Networks. We'll update our website when more information becomes available. 

If you've refused a smart meter

If you're eligible to upgrade to a smart meter and object to a smart meter installation by ESB Networks, you'll be ineligible for payment for your exported electricity. If you're receiving a deemed microgen payment and have refused a smart meter, your payment will end from 11 September 2023. For more information, visit cru.ie

If you would like to receive payments, then you must contact ESB Networks and have a smart meter installed.

For more information on smart meters, see our Ultimate Guide to Smart Meters.