My microgen payment explained

When we issue your microgen payment, it will appear as a credit on your electricity bill with the description Microgen Export Total.

This amount will be credited against any outstanding supply balance on your bill.

Details of how your microgen payment was calculated can be found in Your Exported Electricity Self-Billing Invoice, which will accompany your bill. 

On your self-billing invoice you'll be able to see:

  • the period for which your microgen payment applies
  • the total electricity volume you have exported in kWh
  • the rate we're paying per kWh of export (subject to change)
  • the total payment amount due

For more information on your microgen payment, take a look at our helpful video below.

You can also take a look at our guide below. All figures are for illustrative purposes only.

Sample microgen self-billing invoice

1. Your Exported Electricity Self-Billing Invoice

“Self-Billing Invoice” means we, Bord Gáis Energy, are billing ourselves for the electricity you're exporting to the grid. This invoice will accompany your electricity supply bill whenever we credit your electricity account with your microgen payment.

2. Your name and address

Your full name and address, as the person supplying the electricity. 

3. Your MPRN, electricity supply account number and tariff name

4. Invoice and VAT details

Here you'll find:

  • The invoice period for which your microgen payment applies.
  • A unique export invoice number.
  • Your customer VAT registration number (where applicable). Please note that VAT is not applied to your payment.

5. Invoice date

This is the date your microgen invoice was created. 

6. Microgen payment information

Here you can see a table showing:

  • The period for which the microgen payment applies.
  • The total electricity volume you've exported.
  • The microgen rate we’re paying per kWh.
  • The total amount due to you.

7. VAT information

Your payment is exclusive of VAT. We issue microgen customers with an invoice so that we can account for the VAT on the energy we’re buying from you. You don’t need to do anything to receive your payment and won’t be charged VAT.

8. Total amount

Here you’ll see the total amount that is being credited to your electricity bill.

9. Our address

Alternatively, download our microgen invoice guide PDF. 

Download microgen invoice guide (4.03 MB)