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Price reduction FAQs

Since 29 February, we've reduced our electricity unit rates by 10%, and gas unit rates by 9.5%. We've also reduced our standing charges by 8%.

The new rates are effective since 29 February for all residential customers, and are in addition to any discounts that current Bord Gáis Energy customers already benefit from.

The price reduction means a residential dual fuel customer will save an estimated €331 per annum*, electricity only customers will save €190 per annum*, and gas only customers will save €141 per annum*. These reductions combined with our November price drop will result in dual fuel customers saving almost €1,000** per annum on their bills.

The price reductions will be automatically applied to existing customers, and are also available for those switching to us. For further information about what your unit rates and standing charges are, see our tariffs page

If you've concerns about paying your energy bill, find out what supports continue to be available to you.

*Annual savings figures for gas, electricity and dual fuel are compared against our standard residential gas tariff and our standard residential electricity urban 24 hour tariff on 16 January 2024 and are based on typical annual consumption values of 4,200kWh in electricity and 11,000kwh in gas (as set by the CRU).

**Estimated annual saving figure of €962 for our Dual Fuel customers when compared to our standard variable tariffs in electricity (Urban 24 hour) and gas prior to our price decrease on 9 November 2023 and are based on typical annual consumption values of 4200kWh in electricity and 11,000kwh in gas (as set by the CRU).

Firstly, you'll need to confirm the discount rate that you're currently on (if any). 

  1. Sign into your online account to find your plan name and discount rate on your latest bill.
  2. Once you have this, visit our tariffs explained page which outlines the new standing charge, unit rates and estimated annual bill amounts for all our customers. 
  3. Select the relevant discount amount to find out how the price change impacts you. 

If you're on a smart plan, make sure you use the drop-downs for "residential smart tariffs and prices".

Account FAQs 

You can view your contract end date at any time by checking your latest bill. You'll see your contract end date in the top-right corner, underneath your account number and plan name. 

Please note that if you're not currently in contract with us, you won't see this line on your bill. You can download your latest bill by signing in to your online account. If you don't have an online account, register now.

You can find our best offers and discounts online. 

If you're coming to the end of your contract and wish to renew your contract with us, you can find the best offers by signing in to your online account. For more information, see I'm coming to the end of my contract. Can I sign up to a new contract online? 

We'll also send you an email 45 days before your contract end date, to remind you that your contract is ending. The email will confirm your options, and give you details of our current best offers.

If you're currently out of contract, you can view our best offers by going to the Compare our Plans page. Use the filters at the top of the page to select what type of customer you are, what type of plan you're interested in, and whether you have a smart meter or not. Alternatively, use our handy Find a Plan tool

If you're availing of any discounts, you can see the description and value of your discounts on your bill, in the 'Your bill breakdown' section. You'll also see when your current discount starts and ends, if applicable. You can download your latest bill by signing in to your online account

Remember, you can get a 3% discount by signing up to paperless billing, and a 2% discount by signing up to direct debit*.

*If you're on a 12 month discount then your paperless and direct debit discounts may already be included. Please note this may not be applicable for all plans.

Bord Gáis Energy remains dedicated to providing assistance to customers experiencing challenges managing their bill. If you’re concerned about paying your energy bill, we have flexible payment options, such as scheduled payments, payment plans, our Energy Support Fund and more. Click here to see what supports are available.

 Whatever your circumstances are, we’re always here to help. We’ll never remove supply from a customer who is actively engaging with us, and we'll find a solution that works for you.

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