What happens next once I've submitted a read online?

Once your read has been submitted successfully, your meter reading will be sent for approval to either Gas Networks Ireland or ESB Networks.

It is important to note the following when submitting meter reads online:

  • If the meter read(s) you have submitted are not accepted by Gas Networks Ireland/ESB Networks, we are unable to issue a bill using the submitted read(s).
  • Networks may not accept the read(s) you have submitted if it is not in line with previous reads received.
  • You may not always see the exact reading you have submitted reflected on your bill however, networks will still use the read(s) to improve their estimate of your usage.
  • In case of a price change during your billing period, the usage on the bill will be split on a pro rata basis, depending on the number of days in the billing period. 

After submitting your read, you can estimate your spend by using our Spend Estimation Tool. For more information on how the tool works, see How do I use the spend estimation tool on my online account?

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