What should I do if I smell gas at home?

Call Gas Networks Ireland’s 24-hour emergency number 1800 20 50 50 immediately.

If you smell gas:

  • Don't smoke, vape or use a naked flame. 
  • Don't switch anything electrical on or off. E.g. doorbells, switches or appliances.
  • Open windows and doors to let the gas disperse.
  • Check your appliances to see if the gas has been left on without being lit.
  • If the smell persists, Gas Networks Ireland advises that you turn off the gas at the meter. View Gas Network Ireland's guide to switching off your gas supply.
  • Call the Gas Networks Ireland 24-hour Emergency Service on 1800 20 50 50 - don't assume someone else has.
  • If you can't get through, dial 999 .
  • If your phone is in the immediate area of a leak, use a neighbour's phone.