Vulnerable Customer Registration Form - Priority Services for Electricity

Who qualifies for priority support services?

We offer a priority services register for customers who are critically dependent on electrically powered equipment, which shall include but is not limited to life protecting devices, assistive technologies, to support independent living and medical equipment. If you or someone living in your household is dependent on home electrical equipment that is vital to your or their health we would like you to register with us.

Please use online form below to register for Priority Services for Electricity.

If you would prefer a paper form then please call us on 01 611 01 01.   

For more information on our Priority Services Register please see our Electricity Code of Practice for Vulnerable Customers.

Please note

We may seek written evidence from a medical professional as to the validity of the details provided.

Account holder details

Required information

You will find your account and MPRN numbers on the top right of your bill. If you are new customer without an account number, please provide your MPRN number only.

Nominate a carer

If you wish to nominate a carer or another third party to deal with your bill and your correspondence, please fill in their details below.

Equipment details

Please tick the appropriate box(es) to advise us of the type of equipment used:

Life support:
Non-life support: