Landmark TAMS 3 Solar Install for IFA and Bord Gáis Energy

IFA and Bord Gáis Energy announce completion of first rooftop solar installation 

IFA and Bord Gáis Energy are delighted to announce that they have completed the installation of their first TAMS 3, tranche 1 rooftop solar project, partially funded by the Department of Agriculture TAMS solar grant. 

In 2022, following extensive lobbying by the IFA, the Department of Agriculture announced grant aid of 60% on solar PV systems for farms, up to €90,000 and 62KW. Grants were also available for solar batteries at the same rate. 

Andrew and Daniel McHugh, dairy farming in partnership from Co Longford, became the first IFA and Bord Gáis Energy Solar customers to have their TAMS 3 grant-aided solar solution installed. Farmers nationwide who received funding approval in Tranche 1 of TAMS will follow them in the coming days and weeks, with panels scheduled for farm roofs in every county. 

James Kelly, IFA’s Director of Organisation, said, “The journey to make solar a compelling option for Irish farmers has been years in the making. IFA took soundings from members on the existing barriers and worked hard to ensure that these were removed. In addition to the 60% grant, our policy team lobbied for the removal of planning requirements in most cases, the ability to sell back to the grid, and the inclusion of the farmhouse”. 

 “Once we achieved all of this, it was clear that the business case for solar is compelling. IFA was delighted to partner with Bord Gáis Energy to offer our members, non-members, and the wider rural community a reliable system from providers that they know and trust, and who have been serving Irish farms and homes for over 100 years combined”. 

IFA Member Services Chairman, Patrick McCormick said, “While challenges remain, for example, many farmers must undergo an arduous application process to ensure the correct grid connection (NC7) in tandem with the TAMS application, today is a very good day for on-farm renewable solutions”. 

Higher farm input costs and the environmental benefits of renewables have made solar a feasible option for all farm sectors.  

John Cussen, Head of Consumer and Business Services for Bord Gáis Energy, said,  

"Today's installation is a significant milestone on the journey to facilitate Irish families, farms and businesses play their part in the energy transition. In collaboration with IFA and its members, we are providing a renewable energy solution from which farmers will benefit, by helping to manage their energy costs and reduce their emissions. 

As every farm is unique, we will partner with each farmer, providing a bespoke solution. From a detailed assessment and design to installing the most appropriate, ethically sourced rooftop solar option. Our dedicated team will provide guidance on available supports, system performance, payback periods, and ongoing data analysis support. At Bord Gáis Energy we are committed to energising a greener, fairer future for Irish farmers.”  

“If farmers are interested in pursuing this option, applying for the TAMS solar grant makes real financial sense. The deadline for the third tranche of TAMS on 12th April is fast approaching. If farmers have not started their application process, they should do so without delay. If they have any queries or want information about IFA and Bord Gáis Energy’s solar solution, they can visit or call 0818 989 498. An experienced team member will be delighted to assist,” concluded James Kelly.