Heating not working?

Get your heat back on with our expert tips

If your heating has stopped working, something simple could be causing the issue. Try the steps below to see if you can fix it. 

Or if you need more help, you can book a service engineer.

1. Check your settings

If your room thermostat is set too low, your boiler won’t fire up. Turn up your thermostat to see if that helps.

This video has some more quick and easy fixes for your boiler.

2. Does your boiler need to be reset?

Find the reset button or dial at the front of your boiler. Older boilers may have a pilot light instead of a reset function. If yours does, check if it’s on. If not, follow the steps in your boiler manual to relight it.

If you need to reset your boiler more than once, it's safer to have it checked by a registered gas installer.

3. Check your boiler's water pressure

You might need to adjust the water pressure on your boiler (if you have a pressurised, rather than a low-pressure system).

First, find the pressure gauge. Usually, it’s on the front of your boiler or on the pipe work near your boiler.

If it reads less than 0.5 bar and your heating isn’t turning on, use the valve to slowly increase it to between 1 and 1.5 bar, being careful not to go over 1.5 bar.

Keeping your home cosy and safe

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And if you want a smarter, more energy-efficient home, we’re the experts to call. From smart home technology to heat pumps and solar panels, we provide a wide range of services and solutions for all your energy efficiency needs.

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