Bord Gáis Energy welcomes National Hydrogen Strategy as a keystone to Ireland becoming a green-energy powerhouse

12 July, 2023

Bord Gáis Energy welcomes National Hydrogen Strategy as a keystone to Ireland becoming a green-energy powerhouse

Bord Gáis Energy is currently investing €300M over 24 months in hydrogen-capable infrastructure 

Bord Gáis Energy today welcomed the publication of the Government’s National Hydrogen Strategy paper which sets out Government’s vision for how hydrogen will be produced and used in Ireland. The plan outlines how green hydrogen can help Ireland become a zero-carbon, secure energy system and an energy exporter. A key objective of the strategy was to provide certainty to investors and industry as to how hydrogen will be deployed in the Irish energy system. Bord Gáis Energy welcomed the signals to industry in the report.  

Bord Gáis Energy, which was purchased by Centrica in 2014, strongly believes that green hydrogen is a keystone to Ireland becoming a clean, green-energy powerhouse, and is investing €300m in the construction of two hydrogen-capable power generation plants, which will be ready to support the grid at the end of 2024.   

Speaking today, Emma Burrows, Legal, Regulation and Corporate Affairs Director at Bord Gáis Energy said:  

“We welcome the government’s significant efforts to embrace green hydrogen as a safe and secure energy solution. Ensuring that industry is provided with the necessary certainty to inform future investment strategies is vital if Ireland is to unlock the potential that green hydrogen presents.  

“At Bord Gáis Energy we plan to deploy our significant expertise in engineering, innovation, and energy to support these plans. Centrica’s UK trials in the hydrogen sector bring significant learning opportunities and have enabled our teams to identify the areas where this technology can be effectively implemented in Ireland.  

“We are working with other like-minded investors seeking to deliver Ireland’s net zero ambitions to create an indigenous cluster that will use Ireland’s natural resources off the southwest coast to provide an abundant, flexible, and secure zero carbon energy source that can be used across Irish society and beyond. Indeed, Government’s recent Joint Declaration of Intent on cooperation in the field of green hydrogen with Germany demonstrates that green hydrogen has the potential to meet not just Ireland’s but Europe’s growing green-energy needs.  

Gillian Kinsella, Senior Policy Manager, Bord Gáis Energy and Co-Chair, Policy & Advocacy Working Group, Hydrogen Ireland said:  

The publication of the Government’s ‘National Hydrogen Strategy’ today outlines the strategic pathway for hydrogen’s role in decarbonising our economy, enhancing our energy security and creating industrial and export market opportunities. It will enable investment, increase skills, support regionally balanced economic growth and system resource efficiencies, thus providing a crucial pathway for delivering a future that will benefit the Irish people for generations to come.”