What is Level Pay and how does it work?

Your energy usage can fluctuate from season to season, and along with changes in the wholesale costs of gas and electricity, it's possible that you may receive high bills at certain times of the year. Level Pay can help you spread the cost of your energy bill over the year. 

Chart showing fluctuation of energy usage and payments over a year period

How does Level Pay work?

1. We'll take the gas or electricity usage of your home over the last 12 months and apply our current prices to calculate your annual bill.

2. We then simply divide by 12 to calculate your monthly payments.   

3. Before we send you your bill, we review your account to ensure your monthly payments are in line with the amount of energy you use. 

4. As part of our reviews, you will be notified by SMS if your monthly payment amount is due to increase.

Your monthly payments will be more accurate if we have access to your usage history for the last 12 months. If not, don't worry, we can work with you to estimate the monthly payment.

Benefits of Level Pay

  • You pay the same amount every month.
  • You can choose the date for your Level Pay monthly Direct Debit payment.
  • You will receive a bill as normal every two months.

To sign up to Level Pay, click here. Remember, you'll keep your 3% direct debit discount if you sign up.

You can submit regular meter reads to improve the accuracy of your monthly payments. Click here for more information on submitting meter reads.