Solar Energy for Farms

Bord Gáis Energy and IFA

Bord Gáis Energy and the Irish Farmers’ Association have partnered to offer rooftop solar solutions to Irish farmers and commercial enterprises. 

Bord Gáis Energy has the technical and engineering capacity to deliver a high-class solar power system for farms and businesses. Our team members are all experts in their fields and will oversee the survey, design, installation, care and maintenance of your solar system.

This comprehensive renewables offering includes:

➡ A detailed assessment of the viability, design and installation of a rooftop solar

➡ Guidance on available supports, expected system performance and payback periods

➡ Ongoing support in the form of data analysis to help you on your journey

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Solar solutions for Irish farmers

Installing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels will not only reduce your electricity bills, but also your dependency on fossil fuels and carbon footprint.

Your bespoke solution will be designed to ensure: 

✔ Reduction in energy costs 

✔ Affordability to ensure design maximises generation

✔ Clean energy generation

See our Help section for more information on our solar solutions.

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Learn about the IFA and Bord Gáis Energy's first rooftop solar project

IFA and Bord Gáis Energy recently announced the completion of the installation of their first TAMS 3, tranche 1 rooftop solar project, partially funded by the Department of Agriculture TAMS solar grant. 

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