My bill is higher than expected

Why is my bill higher than expected?

There are a few reasons why your energy bill may be higher than expected.

Higher energy usage

Working from home, cold weather in winter, and home improvements (such as an extension or underfloor heating) can increase energy usage, which can in turn lead to higher bills. 

You can view your usage on your online account. If you want to reduce your energy usage and save costs, take a look at our energy saving tips. You can also keep an eye on your usage and spend by using our Spend Estimation Tool. For more information on how the tool works, see How do I use the spend estimation tool on my online account?

If you've a smart meter, you can sign up for one our smart plans. With a smart plan, you can monitor your usage daily and use electricity at times when it costs less. For more information, see Bord Gáis Energy Smart Plans

Estimated reads

Your most recent bill may have been issued based on an estimated read, which may be higher than your actual usage. If this is the case, we'll make an adjustment on your next bill.

On the other hand, if your previous bills have been based on estimated reads, but your new bill is based on an actual read, this can also cause a high bill. This is because your previous bills underestimated your usage. 

You can see if your most recent meter read was estimated or actual on the right-hand side of your bill, in the 'Your meter reads and consumption' section. Take a look at our bill guides for more information.

If your recent bill(s) have been based on estimated meter reads, we recommend submitting a meter read on your online account. Submitting regular meter reads improves the accuracy of your bills and ensures you only pay for what you use. Learn how to submit a meter read.

Please note that Gas Networks Ireland and ESB Networks are responsible for providing us with actual and estimated reads, and for verifying submitted customer reads.

Your discount has ended

If your contract with us has ended, you may have lost the discount that you had with us. To check if you’re in contract, see How can I view my contract end date? If you’re no longer in contract, compare our plans to sign up a new offer with a discount.

Long billing cycle

The average billing cycle is two months, but for some customers this can be longer. If we haven't received a read from ESB Networks or Gas Networks Ireland for your meter, this can delay your bill being issued. In this instance, your bill may cover a longer period than usual and may be higher than expected. 

Previous balance owing

You may have a previous balance owing from your last bill, which has been added to your most recent bill. This can also happen if you've recently cancelled Level Pay; the outstanding balance may have been added to your new bill. 

I can't pay my current bill

If you’re concerned about paying your energy bill, we have flexible payment options, such as scheduled payments, payment plans and more. See what supports are available.

Whatever your circumstances are, we’re always here to help. We’ll never remove supply from a customer who is actively engaging with us, and we'll find a solution that works for you.

Helpful tips
  • You can view your bills, transactions and usage at any time on your online account. If you don't have an account, register now.
  • If you need help understanding your bill, see our bill guides.
  • To ensure gas boiler efficiency, service your boiler annually. Book a boiler service.
  • Make sure you're availing of our discounts. You can get a 3% discount by signing up to paperless billing, and a 2% discount by signing up to direct debit*. We also recommend turning on marketing preferences on your online account, to ensure you hear about our best offers and discounts. 

*If you're on a 12 month discount then your paperless and direct debit discounts may already be included. Please note this may not be applicable for all tariffs.