Gas boiler repair and safety

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Gas Boiler Repair from €99*

Boiler not working? We're here to help

  • Our highly qualified Service Engineers are fully insured and RGII certified 
  • Flexible appointment times to suit you, including Saturdays
  • Local team of Service Engineers
  • Peace of mind that your boiler will be repaired to the highest standards
  • All parts used meet approved Bord Gáis Energy standards
  • Costs for repairs are charged to your Boiler Services bill
  • Back up Customer Care team to look after you

* View Gas Boiler Repair terms & conditions (PDF 572KB)

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For every €2 you pay off your Boiler Services bill, you get 1 Tesco Clubcard point.**

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Power Flushing

Have you noticed your radiators are giving out less heat than they once did? It’s a common complaint, and usually because sludge and scale has built up in your central heating system over time making them less efficient and less cost effective to run.

Having one of our HomeCare Teams power flush your central heating system can help address the following problems:

  • Heating system slow to warm up
  • Cold spots in the middle of radiators
  • Unpleasant boiler noises
  • Frequent bleeding of radiators

One of our qualified service engineers will examine your system to determine if a Power Flushing solution is suitable. The Service Engineer will drain your system and use a Power Flushing machine. The process involves flushing out your central heating system and forcing a cleaning agent through the system to remove sludge.

We have launched a Power Flushing service in the greater Dublin and Cork City area and we plan to make it available throughout the country in the near future.

By contacting our HomeCare Team to Power Flush your system you can

  • Increase thermal efficiency of your central heating system
  • Extend the life of your central heating system
  • Remove cold spots from radiators
  • Reduce boiler noises
  • Reduce CO2 emissions

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View Power Flushing terms & conditions (PDF 499KB)

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Boiler replacement and installation

If your boiler is 15 years or older, you could be losing heat and paying higher bills than you need to. 

Replacing your Boiler can improve your heating's efficiency by up to 20% and could lead to savings of up to 25%*.

More about boiler replacement

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Safety Check from €90

Safety is extremely important to the HomeCare team at Bord Gáis Energy. We recommend that all natural gas appliances are serviced annually. If you are concerned that an appliance is not operating safely, or your appliances are not in good condition we suggest that you have a safety inspection completed.

The cost of a Safety Check is €90 and covers the first 30 minutes of an engineer’s time on site. An additional charge of €25 will be applied for every 15 minutes thereafter.

A Safety Check is an inspection where the soundness of the installation and connected appliances shall be checked in accordance with Annex E of IS813: 2017 (National Standard for Domestic Gas Installations). The  location, safe operation and effectiveness of all appliances, including the adequacy of fixed air supply and effectiveness of any flue or chimney will be checked in accordance with the standards to ensure that the installations are safe for continued operation.

For further information on Energy Safety visit our help & questions.

Call our HomeCare team today on 01 611 01 45.

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My boiler is making banging noises

Is your boiler making odd noises? Have you noticed that it’s gurgling, banging or whistling? Or maybe it sounds like a kettle boiling, except much louder? 

Most of the time, if we service them regularly, our boilers don’t give us much trouble: they work quietly, day after day, to keep us warm and cosy. Sometimes, though, things can go wrong, and often the first sign of a problem is an unexpected noise.

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