Make the most of your smart meter with Bord Gáis Energy

What is a smart meter?

Smart meters are being rolled out by ESB Networks in homes and businesses across Ireland. They are the next generation of digital electricity meters that are replacing traditional meters across the country.

When your smart meter is installed, you will have access to more detailed information about your energy usage and Bord Gáis Energy can provide you with a greater choice of smart plans tariffs to suit your lifestyle.

The smart meter roll has started in parts of Dublin, Cork, Laois, Kildare, Meath and Wicklow and it will continue on a phased area by area basis, installing 500,000 meters a year, until 2024.

Our smart plans

From 1 March 2021, householders who have a smart meter installed, can choose one of many smart plans available through Bord Gáis Energy. Depending on the smart plan you choose, energy costs can vary at different times/days of the week, giving you more control over how and when you use your energy. Our smart plans are designed to suit your lifestyle and help you save on your energy bills.

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Other benefits of our smart plans include:

No more estimated bills

With a smart meter, detailed electricity reads will be sent accurately and automatically. This means that homeowners no longer have to read their meter or worry about estimated bills.

Flexible billing options

Homeowners can decide when and how often they receive their electricity bill, and a payment day that suits best.

Lower carbon footprint

Using less energy means homeowners will be lowering their carbon footprint and doing their bit to help the environment.

New smart bill

Bord Gáis Energy’s new smart bill will provide customers with key information upfront, a graph comparing their energy usage year-on-year, and helpful hints and tips to help manage their electricity.

When will our smart plans be available?

Our smart plans are available now, if you have a smart meter installed and whether you are a current Bord Gáis Energy customer or not, you should revisit our website where you will find more information on our range of smart plans and decide which plan might suit your lifestyle better. You will also have the option of signing up to a smart plan of your choice online.

Smart plans