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€299 for Hive Installation and Boiler Service

To apply for a safety check please apply online or call the HomeCare Team on 01 611 01 45.

For further information on Energy Safety visit our help & questions.

Safety Check

Safety is extremely important to the HomeCare team at Bord Gáis Energy. We recommend that all natural gas appliances are serviced annually. If you are concerned that an appliance is not operating safely, or your appliances are not in good condition we suggest that you have a safety inspection completed.

The cost of a Safety Check is €90 and this includes up to four natural gas appliances. An additional charge of €25 will be applied for every 15 minutes thereafter.

The location, effectiveness, condition of natural gas pipe-work and soundness of the installation will be examined to comply with IS813:2002 (National Standard for Domestic Gas Installations).

Why use the Bord Gáis Energy HomeCare Team?

  • Safety inspection of 4 natural gas appliances.
  • Highly qualified and highly trained service engineers who are Registered Gas Installers.
  • Peace of mind your appliances are operating safely
  • Appointments available on Saturdays
  • Costs are charged to your Home Services bill
  • Back up customer care team to look after you