Bord Gáis Energy announces price cuts for over 600,000 customers

20 September, 2023

Bord Gáis Energy cuts gas and electricity prices and standing charges by 15.5% for over 600,000 customers

  • Cuts of 15.5% confirmed in gas and electricity unit rates.
  • 15.5% reduction in standing charges for both fuels.
  • Dual fuel customers to save up to €631 per year on Estimated Annual Bill (EAB).

20 September 2023: Bord Gáis Energy, one of the largest energy providers in Ireland, today announced price cuts of 15.5% off the current unit rate of gas and 15.5% off the current unit rate of electricity. Standing charges on both fuels have also been reduced by 15.5%. The new rates are effective from 9 November for all residential customers and are in addition to any discounts that current Bord Gáis Energy customers already benefit from. 

This means that the average gas bill will fall to €1,607, a saving of €274. The average electricity bill will fall to €1,948, a saving of €357 and dual fuel customers can expect an annual average bill of €3,555, a saving of €631.*

Speaking about the price cuts, Dave Kirwan, Managing Director, Bord Gáis Energy, said:

Today we are announcing a reduction in our gas and electricity unit rates of 15.5%. Importantly, we are also reducing our standing charges by the same amount for all residential customers.

We know energy costs have been hugely challenging for customers over the past two years. Whilst the energy market remains uncertain and volatile, we are happy to be in the position to pass on these reductions to our customers today.”

Since the start of the energy crisis in 2021, Bord Gáis Energy has worked hard to support customers wherever it can. In recently announced company results, it posted an operating loss of €30 million as it absorbed higher energy costs over the first half of 2023. The company has invested in hiring additional customer care teams and launched their Energy Support Fund which to date has given out €5.2 million to the most vulnerable customers.

Bord Gáis Energy continue to offer a range of supports for customers who face challenges in managing their bills. For any customer seeking information on this, they are encouraged to get in touch as soon as possible or visit Payment support.

For more information on our upcoming price change, please see our pricing information page.

*These figures are based on a typical annual consumption of 4,200 kWh for electricity and 11,000 kWh for gas (as defined by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities) and Bord Gáis Energy Urban 24 Hour Standard Tariff in electricity and Gas Standard Tariff.

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