Help & Questions - Home Gas - Billing

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Can you help me understand my bill?

Please see the below sample bills with explanations to help you better understand your Bord Gáis Energy natural gas bill.

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Please note the below figures are for illustrative proposes only.

Large Residential User Tariff

How often will I be billed?

You will receive a bill every two months after we receive a meter reading or an estimate of your meter reading from Gas Networks Ireland. If you register for online account management you will be able to view your next estimated bill date online.

How do I find out how much I owe?

You can find out the balance on your gas account by registering or logging in to your online account. Alternatively you can call our automated service on 01 611 01 10. You will need your account name, account number and GPRN, which are located at the top of your bill.

An example of a Bord Gáis Energy bill

Does my usage match what I am paying?

You only want to pay for the energy you are using. If your bill is based on an estimated read you may be paying too much or too little. It is important to submit regular meter readings to increase the accuracy of your electricity bills.

Don’t forget to submit a reading when the meter reader calls and is unable to access your meter. This ensures your bills stay in line with your usage.

I am having difficulty in paying my bill, what should I do?

You should first review our Billing code of practice. Please tell us straight away if you have any difficulty in paying your bill. The sooner you do, the easier it will be for us to offer help and advice. We will be as flexible as possible in trying to agree a payment plan or arrange to fit a Pay As You Go Meter.

When considering a payment plan with you, we will take into account the value of the debt and the period of time outstanding, your previous payment history, your ability to provide security for future bills and any other material factors concerning you. You must then honour the payment plan if you want to retain your gas supply. We will treat all information you give us in strictest confidence.

We will engage with the relevant state agencies or state sponsored bodies or recognised charities or other financial advisers to assist with your arrears if you give us permission. Whatever the problem, we will do our best to help. However, if you can afford to pay your bills, but choose not to, we must advise you that your supply may be withdrawn. Please call us in confidence on 01 611 01 06 for further information and assistance.

You should also contact the Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS) who provide information and assist customers in putting in place budget plans for bill payment. MABS is a national, free, confidential, independent and non-judgemental service for people in debt or at risk of getting into debt. It is a national service funded by the Department of Social Protection.

The MABS helpline service is 0761 07 2000, and is open Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm and provides information to assist people in debt or in danger of getting into debt. Anyone concerned about debt can also meet with one of MABS Money Advisers on a confidential basis to discuss their concerns and assess their options in any one of the 52 local MABS offices nationwide.

How can I reduce my energy usage and bills?

To help reduce the cost of your bills why not have a look at our energy saving tips for handy hints on reducing your energy usage.

I have not received my bill, what should I do?

If you have not received your bill please call our customer care team on 01 611 01 10 or by emailing Please have your account number, account name and GPRN available. Once we have confirmed your contact details we will send you a copy of your bill.

If you have registered for online account management you may have turned on paperless billing meaning your bill is available online.

How do I change the details on my account/bill?

If you wish to change your personal details please call our customer care team on 01 611 01 10. Please have your account number, account name and GPRN available.

Why am I paying a standing charge?

The standing charge is a fixed amount per day and it is for the fixed costs associated with providing your gas supply. An outline of our different standing charges can be found in our Tariffs page

I closed my account but I am still receiving bills.

We require a meter reading to close your account. Please contact us to investigate by calling our customer care team on 01 611 01 10 or by emailing quoting your account name, account number and GPRN.

How/when do I get my deposit back?

Once your account is closed a final bill will be issued. If it is determined that you have a deposit/ credit owed to you a refund will be sent either by cheque or if you pay by direct debit we will transfer the credit directly into your bank account. Once a refund is requested it should take no more than 10 working days to process.