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Fixed Price Plans

What are fixed rate energy plans?

Our fixed rate energy plans allow you to lock in your gas and electricity rates for 12 or 24 months. It protects you from any sudden fluctuations in the market giving you peace of mind.

All unit rates, standing charges and any change in other 3rd party costs are covered. Only Government taxes are not covered because we can't fix these (e.g. VAT, PSO and Carbon Tax).

What is the risk of choosing standard over the fixed rate option?

Energy prices can go both up and down. They are based on international wholesale prices and are impacted by many different factors. If you're on a fixed rate energy plan and energy prices go up, any increase will not be passed on to you. However, decreases in rates will not be passed on either.

Are there any conditions to signing up for a fixed rate energy plan?

  • When you sign up for this product you must sign up to pay by Direct Debit.
  • You must sign up for a 12 or 24 month contract.
  • A €50 exit fee applies if you leave before your contract end date.

Is there a discount for dual fuel/paperless/level pay?

There are no discounts for this product. The benefit is knowing that you're protected and will pay the same price if energy costs increase. If you are an existing Bord Gáis Energy customer currently receiving discounts on another contract then you will lose your discounts.

If unit rates are higher than on standard rate plans and I will lose my current discounts then why should I choose a fixed rate energy plan?

You pay a premium rate on a fixed rate energy plan because you are paying for the certainty of knowing you're protected against any price increase. If you are worried about any potential increase in energy prices then this product might be suitable for you.