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Think Beyond App for iPhone

What is the Think Beyond App and what does it do?

The Think Beyond App for iPhone literally provides your account information at your fingertips giving you the flexibility to access your account information wherever and whenever you want. The App allows you to view:

  • Your current account balance
  • Last payment date
  • Last payment amount
  • Contact us information
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Frequently asked questions

More importantly the App will allow you to submit a meter reading when you are standing at the meter, no need for that pen and paper. The App will even allow you to submit a query to us directly from your iPhone. Download the App now and make your life that little bit easier!

How can I get the Think Beyond App for iPhone?

The Think Beyond App is currently available to download from the Apple App store via iTunes. Alternatively you can search for Think Beyond or Bord Gáis within the App store.

Why should I submit a reading through the Think Beyond App?

Gas Networks Ireland meter readers call to read your meter 4 times a year. The other 2 times your bill is estimated scientifically. Where we are unable to access the meter we will estimate the reading based on your previous usage. To increase the accuracy of your bills you may register for online account management and submit a meter reading online or submit a meter reading directly on your Think Beyond App.

I submitted a meter read via the Think Beyond App but it isn't showing up on my account screen.

Meter reads submitted via the Think Beyond App may take a few days to appear on your meter screen. The footer on your account screen displays a 'data valid up to' date and if your meter reading has been since this date it will not show up on your meter screen.

The details on my App are not correct, how can I get them corrected?

To get this information updated use the submit query form in the App stating what the inaccuracies are and we will contact you to resolve the issue for you.

I'm a new customer but when I try to add my account to the Think Beyond App it won't allow me.

The App is built in such a way that only after your first bill has been issued for actual consumption will you be able to add your account to the App. Once you receive your first bill (for actual consumption) you should add your account the Think Beyond App as normal.

What do I put in to the Account Description field?

The area marked 'account description' is a local label that you can add to your accounts to make them more recognisable and relevant to you on your App. Its only stored locally and will not be reflected back on to your account.

Who do I contact if I have feedback or a query directly relating to the Think Beyond App?

We welcome all feedback and will deal with any issues as efficiently as possible - email all feedback and queries to

Who do I call if I have a question regarding my gas account?

Please call our customer care team on 01 611 01 09. Please ensure you have your account number ready when you call us. We can only discuss gas account information with the account holder. Please have your account number, account name and GPRN available.