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Meter Reading

How often will my meter be read?

Gas Networks Ireland will call to read your meter four times a year. If this is done, four of your bills will be based on actual readings while the remaining two will be based on estimates by Gas Networks Ireland. For more information see How do I read my meter.

How do I improve the accuracy of my bills?

Gas Networks Ireland read your meter 4 times a year, and use an estimate to calculate your usage when they do not have an actual read. To increase the accuracy of your electricity bills and make sure you only pay for what you are using, you should submit regular meter reads.

Don’t forget to submit a reading when you are not at home when the Meter Reader calls and leaves their card to make sure your bills stay in line with your usage.

How do I read my meter?

Digital Meter:

If your meter has direct reading digits, like the diagram below, read the figures as they are shown.

Digital meter

The reading on this meter is 5810. The digits in the red area are not included in the meter reading.

Dial Clock Meter:

analog meter

The reading on this meter is 7479.

If your meter displays a series of dials (clocks), like the diagram above, you should ignore the top 2 dials and use the 4 small dials at the bottom to read your meter. When giving your meter reading you should read the dial on the left first and move along to the right. The position of the pointer on the dial indicates the meter reading. If the pointer is between two figures, use the lower figure, e.g. if it is between 7 and 8, use 7. However, if the pointer is between 9 and 0, use 9.

How do I submit a reading?

If you have an online account you can submit a meter reading online. If you are a registered user please login here. If you are not a registered user, but wish to submit your meter reading online, please visit You can also call the Gas Networks Ireland automated meter reading service on 1850 427 732 (or + 353 1 258 0426 from outside Ireland).

If you have an iPhone, you can submit a meter reading via the Bord Gáis Energy Think Beyond App.