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Moving House

I am moving property or want to close my account, what's involved?

So that we can help you please contact us or log into your online account on the day you are moving out* to ensure you are only charged for the time you're in the property. You just need to provide us with the following and we'll take care of the rest:

  1. 1.  Your account number and GPRN
  2. 2.  Your forwarding address
  3. 3.  Contact details for the landlord or the new occupier
  4. 4.  A meter reading

If you are unable to take a meter reading, we can close the account on an estimated read; however this is not guaranteed to be accurate.

You will remain liable for the gas used until you provide/agree a meter rereading or Gas Networks Ireland has been given access to read and de-energise the meter.

*The earliest we can close your account is two days before you move out.