Government Electricity Credits 2023/24 Information

A scheme was approved by the government to credit all eligible residential electricity customers with €450, in three €150 (incl. VAT) instalments. This applies to both bill pay and prepay customers. 

The credits were applied to customer's accounts in three payment periods:

  • the first occurring between 1 December 2023 – 31 December 2023
  • the second occurring between 1 January 2024 – 28 February 2024
  • the third occurring between 1 March 2024 – 30 April 2024.
When will customers receive the government credit?

As of 8 March 2024, we've applied all three credits to eligible customer's electricity accounts. Customers don’t need to sign up, register or contact us to receive the electricity credits.

Customers with an online account will be able to see the credit in the 'Bills and Transactions' tab on their account dashboard. If you don’t have an online account, you can register here. Customers can also see the credit on their next bill after the credit has been applied. 

When the credit is available for Pay As You Go customers, we'll send you an SMS. If we don't have your mobile number, we'll send you a letter. 

Who is eligible for the government credit?

Eligible residential electricity customers, including Pay As You Go customers, that are not identified as being low usage electricity accounts are eligible for the credits.

Eligible Bord Gáis Energy customers with a residential electricity account as of 28 February 2024 will receive the third credit.

Business customers and gas customers are not eligible for the credit. For more information on the scheme and eligibility, see

Low usage accounts

Per government guidelines, a low usage electricity account is one which has not met the minimum consumption threshold of 150 kWh in each period of three months in the four consecutive periods of three months occurring in the period beginning on 1 July 2022 and ending on 30 June 2023. Low usage accounts are not eligible for the credit.

If you've a microgeneration account registered with ESB Networks for the payment period, you won't be on the low usage list and will therefore receive the credit.

Where the holder of a low usage electricity account meets one or more of the following criteria, they will receive the credits:

  • If you're a registered vulnerable customer
  • If you're eligible to be registered as a vulnerable customer
  • If you hold a hardship meter account.

For more information on the government credit, see our Government Electricity Credit 2023/2024 information page, or take a look at our Help section.