How can I reduce my energy usage and save money on bills?

We've listed some tips below on how to help reduce the cost of your energy bills where possible.

  • Estimated reads: To improve the accuracy of your bills and ensure you only pay for the energy you use, we recommend submitting regular meter readings. For information on how to submit a reading, click here.
  • Energy saving tips: To help reduce the cost of your bills, take a look at our energy saving tips for some tips on reducing your energy usage. You can also check out our Imagine a Better Way series, our online series which aims to educate our customers on home energy upgrades and how to make their homes more energy efficient and sustainable.
  • Discounts: You can view and compare our plans and latest discounts here, or you can find a plan matched to your specific needs here.
  • Service your boiler: Servicing your boiler regularly increases efficiency and saves money. Read more here for information our boiler service offers.
  • Hive: With our Hive product, you can reduce your energy bills by controlling the energy you use. To find out more about Hive and other smart products, click here.
  • Home energy upgrades and retrofitting: Upgrading and retrofitting your home to improve energy efficiency is the best way to reduce your energy bills, while also reducing your carbon footprint. We're partnering with Energlaze Home Energy Upgrades, a market-leading company in the development and installation of energy efficient and renewable products. For more information on home energy upgrades with Energlaze, click here.
  • Working from home: If you work from home, you may be entitled to e-working tax relief. More information on this is available on the Revenue website.

In these challenging and uncertain times, if you've concerns about paying your bill please click here for more information.