How can I reduce my energy usage and save money on bills?

Servicing your boiler, switching to a smart plan, submitting regular readings and more.

We've listed some tips below on how to help reduce the cost of your energy bills:

  • Submit regular meter reads: To improve the accuracy of your bills and ensure you only pay for the energy you use, we recommend submitting regular meter readings. See How do I submit a reading? for information.
  • Energy saving tips: To help reduce the cost of your bills, take a look at our energy saving tips for some tips to reduce your energy usage. You can also check out our Imagine a Better Way series, our online series which aims to educate our customers on home energy upgrades and how to make their homes more energy efficient and sustainable.
  • Service your boiler: Servicing your boiler regularly increases efficiency and saves money. Book a boiler service online.
  • Sign up to a smart plan: If you've a smart meter, we've a smart plan for you. For more information, see Bord Gáis Energy Smart Plans. Monitor your usage daily and use electricity at times when it costs less. Plus, no more estimated bills.
  • Hive: With our Hive product, you can reduce your energy bills and improve sustainability by controlling the energy you use. To find out more about Hive and other smart products, take a look at our smart home products.
  • Home energy upgrades and retrofitting: Upgrading and retrofitting your home to improve energy efficiency is the best way to reduce your energy bills, while also reducing your carbon footprint. For more information on upgrading your home, take a look at our Energy Efficiency Guide.
  • Working from home: If you work from home, you may be entitled to e-working tax relief. More information on this is available on the Revenue website.

You can also keep an eye on your usage and spend by using our Spend Estimation Tool. For more information on how the tool works, see How do I use the spend estimation tool on my online account?

Additional Options

  • We offer a Special Services Register for gas and electricity customers who are particularly vulnerable to disconnection during the winter months, such as customers who have a disability, or those who are over 66 and living alone. If you wish to register for special services, please fill out our Special Services online registration form
  • We also offer a Priority Services Register for electricity customers who are critically dependent on electrically-powered equipment, which may include life-protecting devices, assistive technologies, to support independent living and medical equipment. If you wish to register for priority services, please fill out our Priority Services online registration form

In these challenging and uncertain times, if you've concerns about paying your bill, see what supports are available.